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Secret sessions IV

I recently had the pleasure of attending the fourth event of the Secret Sessions. As I arrived a little early, I decided to explore The Sound House venue. The stage area was just the right size for the growing audience. Upstairs there was a comfy, covered terrace, where I found more people relaxing and waiting for the surprise to unveil. After enjoying the atmosphere for a bit, I returned to the main event just in time.

First up was Sweetlemonda, a South African born Irish rapper, bringing that hip-hop, RnB funk. The crowd couldn't help but groove along to her lyrical flow. As I looked around, I noticed that the place was almost packed, it was now the setting of a lively funky club. Then came Jafaris, a Zimbabwean born Irish rapper, who kept the energy going with his smooth, fast-paced rhymes and laid-back beats. As the events are planned so that the performers had the same or similar genres – the organizers nailed it by pairing these two artists together. Both Sweetlemonda and Jafaris brought a funky, club vibe.

Finally, Irish performer, Whoisdays blended rock, punk and hip-hop. His style had a stronger accent on punk and rock, adding a touch of variety to the night. While Sweetlemonda and Jafaris seemed keen on the funky rap style, Whoisdays even surprised the audience with a song that had bit of Ed Sheeran vibe, starting with solo piano performance and light singing. The crowd loved the variety and I think it’s safe to say that everybody was left a little hungry for more. And that is a good way to end the night – people wanting more.

Since this was only the fourth event, I anticipate that the next one will be supported by an even bigger crowd. Who knows for how long the current venue will be able to accommodate these events? The Sound House was a fantastic venue, with a great atmosphere, awesome sound system, and a stunning light show that transformed the space. Kudos to The Sound House crew for creating such a cool vibe. I hope their partnership continues, but it's clear that these events are meant to keep growing. On that note, I wish the Secret Sessions lads the best of luck on their journey and look forward to seeing what they have in store for us in the future!

The next Secret Sessions showcase takes place on May 25th at The Sound House. Visit the Secret Sessions instagram page for more info and to secure your €10. ticket.

Photography by Dylan Scully for Secret Sessions